The Historical Uses of the Trumpet

Trumpet pic

A retired anesthesiologist, Dr. Benjamin Wiseman received his medical degree from the University of Texas Medical School Houston, where he received the Outstanding Student in OB/Gyn award. During his free time, Dr. Benjamin Wiseman enjoys playing the trumpet.

The trumpet is a historically significant instrument, one that played a very important role in almost all civilizations that have ever existed. Metal trumpets first appeared around 1500 BC, and have been found in important archaeological sites, such as the grave of King Tut in Egypt.

However, the earliest incarnations of the trumpet weren’t used in the same way it is used today – that is, to make music. As noted by historians in major religious writings and other historical sources, the trumpet was typically used for military and religious purposes. For example, medieval trumpeters were important parts of military units and were highly guarded, as they played an important role in relaying orders across large distances. While this function does not exist in modern military units, military trumpeters still exist today, in part as a tribute to the instrument’s use in the past.


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